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Magazine Printing Johannesburg

In a competitive world of magazine printing Johannesburg, we are the cheapest magazine printers in South Africa. Magazine printing lies on quality not quantity. Megaprints magazine printing comes as the best magazine printing company in Johannesburg.  We have worked our way up from ordinary best to extra-ordinary magazine printing Johannesburg. We have also created so many things to help you gain mastery of your own cost of printing a magazine in South Africa. Megaprints was created mainly for the sole purpose of helping small and big companies of South Africa to get along especially in magazine printers in Johannesburg and to progress in it. Choose a saddle stitch than perfect binding if you are looking for cheap magazine printing Johannesburg. Magazine printing prices Johannesburg, South Africa

Magazine printing Johannesburg
Magazine printing Johannesburg
Magazine printing Johannesburg
Magazine printing Johannesburg

Magazine Printing Companies in Johannesburg

Professional Magazine Printers

We are professionally known for our High quality magazine printers Johannesburg. That is the same in book printing companies in Johannesburg. It is our main priorities to give you cheap magazine printing costs in South Africa. Get a free quote today for magazine printing Companies in Pretoria and enjoy good service with cheap Magazine printing companies in Johannesburg.

Megaprints offers a wide range of magazine printing in Johannesburg. Our Magazine printing cost is determined by your finishing requirements. We are proud to fall under cheap Magazine printing companies Johannesburg.

Magazine printing Johannesburg

As the best Magazine printing companies in Johannesburg we also consider ourselves biggest printing company Johannesburg. We are working towards putting a smile on client’s faces with our good quality magazine printing in South Africa. Moreover, Megaprint’s magazine printing costs is very effective. One of our clients calls us the leaders of magazine printing companies in Johannesburg. All your magazines printing service is done in full color unless you request otherwise. That also applies on invoice book printing, and book printing.

Why should you choose our magazine printing services?

Many people like freshly printed pages in magazine printing. That is why we believe that glossy magazine printing Johannesburg with vibrant images copies will never be out of date. We charge reasonable prices for our services, which is why customers turn to us again and again. Choose our solutions for magazine printing in Johannesburg and minimize your expenses!

Magazine Printing in Johannesburg

Magazine printing Johannesburg at quick turnaround. At Megaprints, we print all magazines ranging from glossy to non-clossy. We use quality papers to print magazines. Printspot is a one stop Magazine printing company and therefore, we are the cheapest magazine printers in Johannesburg.

High Quality Magazine Printing in Johannesburg

Gloss Magazine Printing Johannesburg

If it’s the highest quality pictures you seek, gloss art paper produces the sharpest photos. The paper fives the highest contrast due to the higher reflection and sharper dots as a result of its smooth finish. Needless to say, Gloss art paper is great for showing off things like art and detailed products. However, although not of great concern, gloss finish can be more prone to reflection and fingerprint marks. We research our paper for bulk, smoothness, whiteness, and scuff resistance to ensure printing looks outstanding when we print at high resolution. We are proudly top magazine printing company in Johannesburg.

Silk Magazine Printing Johannesburg

Silk Magazine printing method gives a luxurious understated quality feel to the printed magazine. Therefore, the printing method is useful for business to business publishing and as a marketing material. Because it is more prone to scuffing than gloss papers, we recommend that an overprint silk coating is specified, to protect the quality of the print. The silk we use gives exceptional results and gives you everything you want from a silk paper. Besides being smooth and velvety to the touch, it has a uniquely high quality feel to it.

Uncoated Magazine Printing Johannesburg

Uncoated magazine printing paper is actually slightly more expensive than the coated stocks. It is often used to portray an association with the environment. It is also used if an understated feel for the product is required.

How Suitable are our Magazines?

Magazine Printing Companies use a massive amount of paper to produce millions of magazines. The process of getting paper produces a large amount of carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas that helps cause global warming. Digital Magazine printing companies use a large amount of electricity, and the common source of energy to get electricity is coal. Coal is very harmful and affects the environment negatively. Magazine Printing 24 has gone green and all digital and litho printing works; magazine printing, calendar printing, diary printing and book printing. We not only use recycled paper, but also purchase printing consumables that are environmentally friendly or “green”. We use responsibly harvested forest paper.

Magazine Printing with Megaprints

Megaprints specialises in large quantity runs that enable to offer our clientele a specialised boutique short run magazine printing service for their customised and niche publications or special interest magazines. Our advanced magazine printing technology, unbeatable knowledge and wealth of experience means we can offer our customers superior magazine printing quality and the best service, at great prices.


Why Create Your Own Magazine?

Creating your own magazine printing allows you to curate the content in a way that you feel best speaks to your audience. When you publish your own magazine, it is very much important to incorporate content that is most relevant, interesting and well written. But more than that, a magazine should be a visual feast. It is an opportunity to reach your audience viscerally and in a meaningful way. Magazine Printing can be utilised to reach more potential customers or followers by creating interesting content, strong images and great design because the more eye-catching the more likely you are to draw your audience in.

More often than not, a strong image will make much more of an impact in a magazineSelf-publishing your own title means that you can create a powerful message and build your brand. By collecting the works of respected contributors, your brand will gain credibility and will grow. At Printspot we can do short run magazines for industry expos, property magazines, local or suburban publications, small niche interests such as macramé, cigars or flower pressing or local business or industries that publish on-topic print magazines to grow a community and share a common interest.


Seven Tips from Magazine Printers

The decision to publish your own magazine shows that you mean business. Magazines can sell your products, educate, share industry knowledge and opinion, put your products or services out in the public sphere or just share common interests or experiences. In order for your publication to be successful as possible and for it to look the best it can, as professional and knowledgeable printers, we have compiled some useful tips for magazine printing Johannesburg:

  • Always use high-resolution images;
  • Choose strong images for a double page spread;
  • Make sure you proofread before you go to print;
  • Don’t make the pages too busy;
  • Make sure your designer has accounted for bleed and for binding;
  • Work closely with your designer and keep them in the loop during the printing process;
  • Choose good quality paper.


Your First Choice in Magazine Printing Companies Johannesburg

We are always on hand to assist and advise our customers, from paper choice to publication size, and everything in between. We also have a highly skilled design team who are always on hand to add their special creative flair and input based on their experience. So, why not contact us to speak to one of our magazine printing experts and get your publication on the shelves now.

Magazines like newspapers are aimed to provide important information to the readers. Principally they are published weekly or monthly unlike the newspaper that is printed every day. Printed on quality papers, they are colorful with a very attractive front cover. In fact, the front covers of some magazine are such big that featuring on them itself becomes news.  There are different types of magazines like fashion, sports, business, lifestyle etcetera and each has its target segment of readers. This is the only thing that has remained unaffected by the boom of Internet. Magazines are riding high on the waves of enthusiasm and enterprise with the readership growing strongly every moment. It is seen that out of ten adults eight reads magazines this is substantial looking at the popularity of social media. It is observed that magazines have a stronger influence on the purchasing behavior of consumer compared to other prevailing forms of media. Well, there are a number of reasons for you to get into the exciting filed of magazine publishing. In case, you are looking for a reliable partner for your printing venture then nothing is better than collaborating with the magazine print industry leader  .

We, Printcom have over 5 years of experience of printing every kind of magazines for national & international publishing houses and businesses.  We offer premium quality magazine printing at an affordable price with varied printing options like full color printing, offset printing, digital printing, large format printing, short run printing and laser printing. Our designers first understand your need and then come out with a unique theme that will captivate the onlookers and boost up your sales. 

Features and Specifications

Pre-Requisites of Magazine printing:-

  • finished size of the magazine.
  • Number of pages.
  • Paper used for inner pages of magazine printing
  • Cover paper differs from inside pages in book printing.
  • Binding Style For magazine printing: saddle stitch, perfect bound.